Monday, June 05, 2006

Reuse: FRN wants WRAP sorted

London, UK - Local environment minister Ben Bradshaw told FRN that he will review WRAP's role on reuse as the result of a letter that FRN sent to the minister calling for a clearer role for WRAP in the reuse sector. FRN's call came during the government's current review of England's waste strategy, which closed to public consultation earlier this month. (The reclaimed building materials sector and architects trade bodies were not consulted.)

FRN say that furniture reuse groups in the UK are reusing about 70,000 tonnes of items like furniture and electronics that would otherwise go to landfill, and that its membership collects and reuses about 10% of household furniture waste. FRN's formal response to the government's waste strategy review called for a more formal inclusion of reuse within local authority Best Value targets (including recycling credits), and a more effective crackdown on rogue operators in the reuse and electrical exports fields.

FRN also suggested that Defra should bring in some form of producer responsibility to support the reuse and recycling of furniture, particularly for MDF, chipboard and laminated furniture. Mr Bradshaw has confirmed he will address Furniture Reuse Network members at the organisation's annual conference in Birmingham this December.

NOTE: WRAP is the UK Waste and Resources Action Programme, which is government-funded and promotes recycling. FRN is the UK Furniture Reuse Network, an umbrella group for 400 charitable reuse organisations across the UK.


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