Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Salvage at Grand Designs

Excel, London, UK - The second Grand Designs exhibition is on from Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June, this time with a smaller salvage representation, some cutting edge stuff and a lot more home show normality. Kevin McCloud's TV programme spawned firstly a glossy magazine, then a glossier bigger home show.

Last year the home show concept, format and exhibitors were new and in the main fairly innovative with a large salvage area created by Steve Tomlin of Masco with Robert Mills and other trade colleagues. Masco's Ascot Bandstand was auctioned live at the event which, had it sold, would have made the salvage project a breakeven, but unfortunately it stalled at the last minute. After some deliberation Masco decided against making that effort again this year, although they will be at Salvo Fair.

Media luvvie gardener Diarmuid Gavin is there again, coupled with a load of chefs cooking up a surreal meal, and the outside village is expanded to include more rapid build systems mainly from Germany. A new feature this year is Question Taste 'an innovative exhibition; designed to provoke debate and consideration around the meaning of taste. Can taste be defined? Is it possible to pin hard and fast rules to the lapel of tastefulness? Or is it all just too subjective? Incorporating a portfolio of exceptionally tasteful drinks, ‘Question Taste’ invites viewers to wander around a series of interactive exhibits, whilst sampling the unique tastes of Tanqueray® gin, Johnnie Walker® Black Label® Scotch whisky, Talisker® single malt whisky and Smirnoff® No. 55 (Black) vodka.' This orgy of resource consumption is being backed by WWF who are committed to promoting the use of sustainable materials and to reducing pollution and unnecessary consumption of the Earth's natural resources. So that's alright then.

It is good that Antique Baths of Ivybridge, RBS Oak and Ashwell Recycled Timber will be flying the reclaimed flag at the event, and even better that they are all Salvo Code supporters. Hopefully they will find the show worthwhile.

[Grand Designs Live]

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