Thursday, May 25, 2006

Monster waste contracts planned

The UK government are scrapping financial limits on waste contracts as a record £100 million contract was signed for Greater Manchester. Councillor Neil Swannick, Chair of the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority welcomed the announcement: "This is great news for Manchester. We are the largest waste disposal authority in England, dealing with 1.5 million tonnes of waste each year. We need to divert the rest of our biodegradable waste from landfill if we are to avoid the £150 per tonne penalties in the new Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme. This PFI finding will allow for capital investment in a new waste disposal infrastructure." News comes amid a background of poor performance by PFI (public finance initiative) companies who would be targeted to build the infrastructure for such large contracts. I have written to Elliot Morley, the UK minister in charge, asking whether steps will be taken to avoid reusables such as reclaimable timber from being sucked into these proposed highly capitalised state funded monsters. [News story taken from Record breaking PFI waste contracts announced while PFI rules to change

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