Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Salvo Fair big items a-coming

Salvo Fair 2005 - Big birds and a big swan bath

Hertfordshire, UK - Every year at the Salvo Fair we encourage exhibitors to bring some big items for display in the central avenue. Last year two giant birds each carved from one piece of wood and a battered unrestored swan bath were among the big exhibits.

This year we are hoping for the restored swan bath to make a reappearance, coupled with a K6 red phone box of noble provenance, a camel and giant fibreglass statue from Manchester, a concrete Eiffel Tower, an entire English Rose kitchen fitted on the back of a flatbed truck, and a huge pair of wrought iron gates will be coming. In addition, on the main stand this year will be elements of the old Baltic Exchange and several other heritage London buildings.

[Photos © Salvo 2005 & 2006, 25MB versions available to the press]

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