Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reclaimed bricks stolen, man in prison

Georgia, USA Suspected Brick Thief Arrested . . . Savannah gray bricks are a part of the landscape in Savannah's historic district, and a tempting target for thieves. They're worth a lot for construction and decoration. We found one case where an aware business owner helped police crack the case of her own stolen bricks. Savannah Day Spa is a place where many go to relax and get away, but someone got away with something that doesn't belong to them. Sunday, someone stole the bricks, which cost in between $5 and $50 apiece, from the behind the spa. The owner noticed the bricks were gone on Monday, but the thieves didn't get very far. Thanks to the security cameras that the spa has, the thieves were all caught on tape . . . [Video clip and more]

Historic Bricks Stolen from Downtown Savannah Business . . . One man is already in jail and two more are on the loose after police said they are caught on tape stealing historic bricks from Savannah Day Spa. According to a Savannah-Chatham police report the bricks, valued at more than $15,000, were stored beneath a stairwell outside the downtown business. Police said they arrested 45-year old Raymond Floyd in connection with the incident after the owner of the business spotted Floyd with some of the bricks on Thursday morning while driving near where the theft occurred. They said the rest of the bricks were found in a shopping cart in the 200 block of Oglethorpe. Police are still looking for the other two men in connection with the theft . . . [WSAV3]

NOTE: '$50 apiece' sounds a little excessive as a valuation for old bricks - even $5 seems a lot. This may be a case of slight media exaggeration, and could even spawn more copycat thefts. The total stolen was believed to be 300 bricks.

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