Friday, June 16, 2006

SalvoFAIR: Mark heads off

Mark McGowan started from the Gherkin, former site of the Baltic Exchange. Journos covering the launch included a lady from LBC Radio as two Times photographers looked on. Later that day he was on Radio Five, Capital Gold, Three Counties radio, BBC Newsround and more.

Dennis Buggins and Milena Moore of Extreme Architecture were there to explain the connection between the Gherkin and Knebworth, which is that the Baltic Exchange will be on their stand at the Salvo Fair.

Mark rolled down to the Bank of England, and opposite Mansion House was seen fearlessly crossing the road

Which was promptly followed by friendly advice on road-crossing from a police cyclist

As Mark crossed the reclaimed setts in front of St Paul's Cathedral, two of security men asked what he was doing. "Somersaulting to Knebworth," Mark said.

Mark went under Temple Bar - the lodge will be at Knebworth - which was rescued by the actress wife of an aristocrat after its demolition in 1880 who had it re-erected in Theobalds, Herts, from where it was returned in 2004. Mark's trip coincided with London's Architecture Week, which involved a flock of sheep being driven under Temple Bar just as Mark was negotiating it on Saturday 17 June. The chipboard houses are by Scottish architecture students and represent modern architectural education.

London, UK - MARK McGowan began his epic somersault to Knebworth trip amid a blaze of publicity from the Gherkin this morning. The Times and LBC Radio were there, several radio stations rang for a live interview including Radio Five, Capital Gold and BBC Three Counties, and BBC Newsround caught up with him during the day for a slot on that evening's show. Outside the Bank of England a police cyclist kindly offered advice about not getting run over, and many bystanders wished Mr. McGowan well. Tomorrow he will be heading past St Paul's Cathedral through Temple Bar on his way to Clerkenwell on Monday where he will meet up with Jason Davies and Gini Coates for a reclaimed door event.

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