Monday, June 19, 2006

SalvoFAIR: Reclaimed doors at Clerkenwell

Mark rolls past reclaimed doors at Sans Walk, Clerkenwell, panel doors, art doors, glazed doors and prison doors, allo of which will be at Salvo fair.

Jason Davies of Architectural Forum (tel 020 7704 0982), Islington, who is selling the prison doors, and Gini Coates (mob 07779 642985), artist, with some of her art doors. Both have stands at Salvo Fair.

Prison door before treatment, the original 1847 paint was a stone colour.

Prison door after cleaning showing its austere ironclad side - the other side is pine and covered in bolts.

London, UK - THIS morning Mark McGowan appeared at Sans Walk above the old House of Detention and rolled past the old prison and other reclaimed doors from Architectural Forum in Islington. Artist Gini Coates was also there with some of her art doors, which sell for 1,000 pounds. All of these doors will be at the Salvo Fair.

In the UK 2 million reusable doors are thrown away every year. Many are now recycled by being chipped, mulched, composted and burnt. But they should be reclaimed and reused. Recycling is subsidised by the taxpayer. Reuse is not.

PRESS: Salvo gallery of 3MB pics for press use | Rex Features picture agency commercial pics

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