Monday, June 05, 2006

SalvoFAIR: James Rylands to speak

Herttfordshire, UK - JAMES Rylands, Sotheby's garden statuary and architectural salvage expert, is to give two brief presentations at the Salvo Fair, Knebworth, on Extreme Architecture's 'Square Mile Project' on Friday 30 June 2006. The Square Mile project comprises an ensemble of architectural elements from the Baltic Exchange, Lloyds Buildings, Temple Bar lodge and the Royal Box at Ascot, all of which are now located in warehouses in Kent, and which have been collected by Dennis Buggins of Extreme Architecture in recent years.

At 12pm noon Friday 30 June 2006 on the stand of Extreme Architecture Mr. Rylands will give a talk to the top-end of the trade about the range of materials available for sale, the buildings involved, the type of client who may be interested, and the proposed break-up of the ensemble if a single client is not forthcoming. Dennis Buggins and Andy Triplow will also be in attendance. Tickets for the trade talk cost £10, including admission to the Salvo Fair.

At 2pm Friday 30 June 2006 on the stand of Extreme Architecture Mr. Rylands will explain to construction professionals, architects, interior designers and landscapers what the Square Mile project is about and the kind of building that could incorporate the ensemble of heritage architectural elements collected by Dennis Buggins. Tickets to the construction professionals talk are FREE on application to Salvo. Tel 020 8761 2316 or 020 8400 6222 or 07971 217842.

The press, media, TV and radio journalists are also cordially invited to attend either talk. James Rylands and Dennis Buggins will also be available for an interview. Please contact Salvo for admission arrangements.

[Extreme Architecture]

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