Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who in London has famous salvage?

London, UK - SOMEONE asked me who has salvage from famous buildings. This is a good question, and hard to answer off the cuff. This was my reply.

"The person you want is Dennis Buggins of Extreme Architecture for Lloyds and some other famous buildings. Michael Davis was the person involved with Drew Pritchard, but that fell apart I think, and now he is involved with Dennis. Dennis will also be bringing bits of the Baltic Exhchange, Temple Bar and Ascot Royal Box to the Salvo Fair and James Rylands will be giving a short presentation about the stuff on Friday 30 June, one for the trade in the morning and one for professionals in the afternoon. Other than that, Jason Davies of Architectural Forum usually has materials from famous London buildings, and try Tony Brook at Lassco. A few years back Whiteway and Waldron did have some panelling from the House of Commons but I expect that's gone now."

Of course the Salvo Want Ads system could throw up a different picture, so I shall try raising an ad on SalvoWEB.

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