Saturday, June 10, 2006

SalvoFAIR: Events and workshops

Photo: At Salvo 2005 Simon Kirby of Thomas Crapper & Co gave penny farthing rides, Michael Brown of Lock Restoration Co made antique keys while-u-wait, and Ronnie Wootton of MDS Ltd looked implacable as the world reflex champion. This year there will be more talks, and both Simon and Ronnie are prepared to take on all-comers [Photo 2005 © Salvo

Hertfordshire, UK - This year's Salvo Fair at Knebworth will include workshops, demonstrations and talks by the trade. Here are some examples:

Sanitaryware by Norman Cockroft of Alscot Bathrooms on the stand of Thomas Crapper & Co - How to clean stained baths bogs and basins, and when to call in the professionals.

Old cast iron radiators by Andy Triplow of the Old Radiator Company, Kent - How to clean them, test them and adapt them to modern heating systems.

Old English Rose & Paul kitchens by Tom Donaldson of Source, Somerset - Making 1950's aluminium kitchens fit for the modern home.

Antique keys and locks by Michael Brown of Lock Restoration Co, Strathclyde - How locks work, maintaining your old locks, repairs and keymaking.

Stained glass and leaded lights by Edgar Phillips of the Stained Glass Group, West Midlands - How to seal leaky windows, painting and firing, making hangers 'while-u-wait'.

Penny Farthing racing by Simon Kirby of Thomas Crapper & Co, Warwickshire - Mr. Kirby will take on all-comers. Probably late afternoon when the field is quieter. Contenders must bring their own penny farthing.

Traditional beam hewing by Wocko The Woodman of Knebworth - Slow but steady oak and chestnut beam hewing workshops, lasting all day between well-earned rests.

Reflex Reaction Challenge by Ronnie Wootton of MDS Ltd, West Midlands - Mr. Wootton, World Champion, who beat the Parachute Regiment at Malvern Show, will take on all-comers.

The Square Mile Project by James Rylands of Sotheby's on the stand of Extreme Architecture from Kent - The successful sale of the Baltic Exchange and other buildings like it is vital if more is to be saved. Dennis Buggins of Extreme Architecture will be there and is bringing parts of these buildings. Overseas and top-end dealers are welcome to the talk on Friday morning, and all construction professionals to the talk on Friday afternoon.

If you are planning to have a stand at the fair and have an idea for an event please contact Thornton Kay of Salvo. Tel 020 8400 6222. See the Salvo Fair web site.

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