Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SalvoFAIR: From King's Cross to Camden

No journalists this morning, and no sign of Warner Brothers at Platform 9 3/4, so Mark heads off on his lone journey north.

In Arlington Road he senses the proximity to Camden and its camaraderie, which spurs him on . . .

. . . to Camden Road where half the population is more idiosyncratic than he.

Until he is forced to stop to do another interview, this time with a journalist from the local newspaper, Hang'em High

Camden, London, UK - Mark was reaching a nadir. Not sure why or where any longer, overcome with raging heat, he battled on against the towering odds of reaching Knebworth in time for the Salvo Fair. One false move, one erring sense of direction, could mean days travelling the wrong way. In a bid to cut down weight, Mark has had to jettison his map, and now relies on innate streetcraft, learned from years of unorthodox travels, of unravelling the riddles of the many foreign languages of passing locals. Eventually he neared Camden, an old stamping ground, where the familiar landmarks hove into view. When I left him he was deep in conversation with the world's journalists, eager to pounce on his every word to scoop their rivals with the latest roly-poly news.

The celebrated Susan Dando, world class gymnast that was, has been offering Mark rollling advice via the kind people of Capital Gold radio. When in training for the great rolling event Mark had, of course, been following her exercise programme video, or at least trying to, but he found it a little advanced.

Roll on tomorrow when he will be passing Green Works, where the social workers repair discarded desks, to help them launch a new concept in flooring, Re-Desk. See you then!

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