Thursday, January 14, 2010

Webinar with Jonathan Essex and Thornton Kay

JONATHAN Essex of BioRegional and Thornton Kay of Salvo Llp will present a Webinar on the 3rd February at 3pm - 3.45pm on Pushing Reuse and the decline in the reclamation of construction materials as recycling has boomed in the past 15 years. It will showcase a number of case studies demonstrating the carbon savings of building material reuse, and recommend government actions and policy changes.

The webinar is being organised by the worldwide 2 Degrees Network whose members aim to prevent the tempearture of the earth from rising by more than 2 degrees by 2100.

To join the webinar please follow the link '2 Degrees: Zero Waste Network' below and click on 'join now'.

2 Degrees: Zero Waste Network

The full text of Pushing Reuse

The webinar presentation should be viewable at any time after the event as well, but the question and answer session will not.


  1. 2 degrees requires you to have a website to register for the webinar. That's silly, so I suggest you just enter a fake one.

  2. Richard, I did not realise that, thanks for the comment. Thornton


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