Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love Albert Road

Above: Ian Parmiter outside his shop on Albert Road [photo. Thor Haley]

Southsea, Hampshire UK
A summary of the Antique Trade Gazette article, by Joan Porter

Following a decline in street trade Ian Parmiter of Parmiter Antiques decided that he should do something about it. "I talked to other businesses in the road about my idea and gained a lot of support. What was wanted was an annual event, so I formed a group called 'Love Albert Road' in which all the businesses would club together and create some publicity for this once thriving area."

Mr Parmiter could not have predicted the success of the event as the first year saw over 20,000 people which was followed by 50,00 in 2008 and 85,000 last year. "The whole street is buzzing with visitors, all the shops are doing well, with more folk wanting to buy businesses here," said Mr Parmiter.

The next 'Love Albert Road' festival is on September 26.

The ATG article finishes with Mr Parmiter pondering on the possibility of coming to this years Salvo Fair.

Love Albert Road

Parmiters Architectural Antiques

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