Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reports of a Viking invasion

Viking Reclamation, South Yorkshire UK
Local South Yorkshire newspaper 'The Star' reports on a Viking invasion in the form of Viking Reclamation. Reporter Rachael Clegg comments on how owner Craig Lloyd's stocklist sounds like a museum catalogue, calling it a 'Wizard of OZ version of B&Q'.
She takes a tour through their vast yard and acknowledges the wonder of architectural remnants, interiors fittings and building materials, like props from a period drama. Mr Lloyd enlightens the tour by providing the history and story behind many of the pieces including the gates from the old Doncaster Fruit Market which he has recently sold to a man in Lincoln "who’s had a wall built especially at the back of his house so he can put them in,” said Mr Lloyd.

“Sometimes you buy things and they can sit there for two or three years, then, all of a sudden, the right person comes along and they’ll buy it. We do get some oddballs coming in here but I tend to get on with them!” said Mr Lloyd.


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