Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exhibition Louis XIV, the man and king

Chateau de Versailles, Versailles France

The Palace of Versailles is displaying a major exhibition dedicated Louis XIV until 7 February 2010. It is the first major exhibition devoted to the king's personality and personal tastes. Louis XIV saw himself as a king who was the protector of the arts and a collector, and the richness of his image arguably has no precedent in history. The exhibition consists of over 300 Paintings, sculptures, objets d’art and furniture from around the world that have never been together in the same place before.

Above: Apollo tended by the nymphs, Francois Girardon and Thomas Regnaudin 1667-1675. [photo: Palace of Versailles website]

Above: Armour of Louis XIV, Giovanni Battista and Francesco da Garbagnate. [photo: Palace of Versailles website]

Palace of Versailles

PDF of the exhibition

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