Friday, January 15, 2010

Salvo Fair 2010 - bookings coming in nicely!

Above: The Van de Vouwer pitch at Salvo Fair 2009

Bookings and enquiries for Salvo Fair 2010 are steadily mounting. Snowy conditions have not hindered the interest showing for the trade's big summer jamboree.

Van de Wouwer Decoration in Belgium have booked a big pitch again. Jeroen has got his hands on load of industrial looking, metal boxes and some enamel and glass lampshades from old factories, a few old cigarette vending machines, and a WWII suitcase saved from an old farm full of goodies from the era. Amongst others Tina Pasco, Cox's Yard, Architectural Forum and V & V Reclamation have also booked.

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  1. If there are any antique electric fans here, please send info and photos to me. I would love to purchase them. Thank you.


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