Friday, January 08, 2010

Photo's of North Russian Architecture

Above: Richard Davies will be publishing a book on wooden Russian church later this year [copyright Richard Davies].

Independent Photographers Gallery, Battle UK
Richard Davies has a keen interest in architecture and has been photographing wooden churches in the Russian North since 2002. His interest was initially sparked by the Russian artist, stage designer and illustrator Ivan Bilibin who traveled to the Vologda Province in the North of Russia in 1902 to photograph the wooden churches. Mr Davies was interested to see how these churches had withstood the ravages of Commmunism.

"Many churches do still exist and recently work has started on the restoration of a few but most are in a perilous state and will not survive for many more years," said Mr Davies. Since February 2006 he has travelled with the writer Matilda Moreton. As a Russian speaker her interviews with local people, historians and other experts has given them a deeper understanding of the churches place in the community together with insights into the lives of the people they have met. Together they have put on an exhibition at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, which was greatly received and it is hoped that it would attract the attention of those who could ensure the survival of these extraordinary buildings.

A selection Mr Davies photographs are currently being exhibited at the Independent Photographers Gallery in Battle, East Sussex until January 16th 2010.

Above: photo. copyright Richard Davies

Above: photo. copyright Richard Davies

Above: photo. copyright Richard Davies

Richard Davies

The Independent Photographers Gallery

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