Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Salvaged canal dredger and antique Oxford Uni stonework regales Ronsons massive Salvo Fair stand

Above: Historic canal workboat blow dredger, Debris, will form the centrepeice of Ronson's stand, the biggest at Salvo Fair 2009

Knebworth, Herts UK - RONSON Reclaim of Gloucestershire is bringing a recently salvaged and restored a historic canal workboat blow dredger as the centrepiece to its 90ft long stand at this year's Salvo Fair. Known as 'Debris', she was orginally registered to British Waterways as No 386, and now has a Perkins 80hp diesel engine and will be fited with a bow-mounted blow dredger on a hydraulic arm. Also for sale on their stand, the largest at this years fair, will be antique stonework from the demolition of the Department of Physiology at Oxford University recently undertaken by Ronsons.

Salvo Fair
Ronson Reclaim

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