Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DMG sell all four of their big antique fairs

DMG Antique Fairs, organisers of four of the biggest antiques and collectors' fairs in the UK, have been sold by their parent company.

Following a deal finalised on May 31, the Newark, Ardingly, Shepton Mallet and Detling fairs are now owned by former Daily Mail Group executive Keith Harris and veteran exhibition organiser Robert Thomas.

They plan to revive the brand IACF (International Antiques and Collectors' Fairs) - the name of the business before it was given its corporate branding.

This year has also seen the sale of both the SOFA (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art) fairs and the 'showground' fair held five times a year in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both were acquired in April by former DMG senior executives Michael Franks and Mark Lyman, who have formed The Art Fair Company to run the events.

The focus will now be on Newark which in term of exhibitor and visitor numbers has wandered markedly with the changing trends that have hit the 'grass roots' antique trade.

Mr Thompson emphasised that the new owners anticipate few major changes to an experienced team, "There is a really dedicated professional team based in Newark an we are looking forward to working closely with them to ensure the fair maintains their pre-eminent position as the UK's biggest and best," he said.

Extracted taken from ATG 6 June 2009

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