Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Impressive 1911 London Hotel Urns and stunning 1920's stone doorway at Salvo Fair 2009

Above: One of a pair of stone urns from Normandie Hotel, Knightsbridge, London coming to Salvo Fair 2009
. £3,500 + vat for the pair

Above: The urns will be on V&V Reclamation's stand at Salvo Fair, who are the most local exhibitor to Knebworth House, and have had a jumbo pitch for six years.

Above: A stone shield, also from the Normandie Hotel, Knightsbridge, London and coming to Salvo 2009.
£1,200 + vat

First stop at the Salvo Fair this year for many people will be the jumbo pitch shared by Jason Davies of Architectural Forum, Islington, London and Ed Pearce of V & V Reclamation, Herts. Jason and Ed make a herculean effort every year, being the first exhibitors on site, and normally the last to leave, and filling their artic lorry size pitch with all kinds of wonderous exhibits!

This year, making an appearance, will be two tall stone urns and a shield from the old Knightsbridge Palace Hotel, which was built in 1911. It was renamed the Normandie Hotel in 1937 and closed in 1977. Since then the site has been subject to many proposals, most involve returning to hotel use. In 2006, Waterloo Real Estate was granted permission to build a 155 room hotel for the Bulgaris hotel chain. As a result of the renovation the urns were removed from the hotel exterior from four storeys up.

Also on the V&V-Architectural Forum pitch will be a beautiful stone 10ft high doorway from St Barnabas Church vicarage, Lavender Hill in Battersea. The vicarage was built in 1926, and was demolished to make way for a smaller, more financially viable building, as many our these days.

Below: The carved heads of saints on the St Barnabas Vicarage doorway built 1926, coming to Salvo 2009. Doorway priced at £2,500 + vat

St Barnabas Church News

Times Online: Normandie Hotel

V&V Reclamation

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