Thursday, June 04, 2009

The House that Kevin (McCloud) Built comes to Salvo Fair

Reusefully is a newly established reclamation company focusing on surplus and reusable building products, based in Northamptonshire. Run by experts in construction waste minimisation and site waste management planning, offering a practical solution by matching supply and demand, Reusefully provides a free collection service for surplus and good quality used building products. This can be from any local building site, household or premises where there is a need to remove these products/materials. We also supply reclaimed building products and materials, adding value where appropriate, and can provide data on the amount of material reused, represented by carbon savings

Reusefully will have various products available at Salvo Fair, including a range of garden planters made from 'the House that Kevin (McCloud) Built', last seen on Grand Designs Live 2008. Unfortunately, the roof and upper floor engineered components were unable to be reused in their original application so we transformed them into unique, durable and practical reusefully roof2garden planters. Various other products will be displayed, so come and browse. Younger viewers, and those with smallish hands, can also take part in our lucky dip.

Contact details: Gilli & Kath tel: 01604 289007

Reusefully website (site under construction)

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