Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More good publicity for the reclamation industry on national television

"When Jules and the team from Escape to the Country were looking to do a follow up program to link with those they had done featuring chapel conversions, their natural first port of call was Bristol’s Robert Mills Ltd.

"Robert Mills’ chairman, Colin Scull, will happily talk to anyone (at great length) about gothic detailing, the uses of gothic items and all the different ways of modifying and re-using them. While the TV crew were there they also picked Colin’s brains on barn conversions.

"Jules Hudson and his film crew came to the Robert Mills Ltd Bristol warehouse last November. Part of that filming is to be aired tonight, 3rd June 2009, on BBC 2 at 5.15pm, when you can catch Colin’s gothic pearls of wisdom. Another Escape to the Country on barn conversions will be aired on Thursday 4th, again featuring the Robert Mills showroom," said Kate from Robert Mills.

Robert Mills

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