Monday, June 01, 2009

Antiques are Green Campaign is Launched

Taken from: Antiques Trade Gazette 18 May 2009

“Our product is sustainable, re-usable and re-saleable. We must all work to make people aware that antiques are green.” So says Beaconsfield dealer Nigel Worboys.

"I have had a retail shop for a number of years but it is only recently that I have really begun to speak to customers about the obviously green credentials of antiques. Now I find that after a few minutes’ conversation on the subject there is a look of recognition as the customer first relates antiques to recycling.

"As the conversation progresses, it also becomes evident that there are no additional greenhouse gases being produced as a result of their purchase, no rain forests will be depleted or additional raw materials used.

"The customer is now feeling more comfortable about the purchase in the knowledge that 'antiques are green'. They can justify their purchase and they now have that feel-good factor on top.

"But wouldn’t it be far easier for us all if the buying public at large were aware of all this before they came in to see us? If they already knew antiques were green because they had read it on numerous occasions. Now that opportunity is here and I hope that we all unite – dealers, auctioneers, fair organisers, restorers, publishers, in fact anybody involved in the trade – to make this a roaring success.

My proposals for achieving this is;
*To promote additional sales and the preservation of antiques by capitalising on their green credentials.
*To attract a new audience who might not have considered antiques before.
*To present antiques as an alternative to a new purchase.
*To develop a sustainable 'Not for Profit' business that can continue to support the Antiques are Green message.
*To raise funds for green projects that are related to the trade, such as tree-planting.
*To offer help, advice and incentive for the trade to reduce its carbon footprint."

Antiques Trade Gazette

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