Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Minchinhampton and Damien Hirst go head to head with Stroud District council

Two companies - Leda Properties and Squirrel Storage - are appealing against decisions made by Stroud District Council and Cotswold District Council to refuse retrospective planning permission on land used as business premises at the vast 136-acre aerodrome.

The two companies did not originally apply for planning permission to use the site because they acquired the land from the MoD, which does not need planning approval for any of its sites. Government inspector David Baldock heard arguments for and against allowing the land to be used for business purposes during the two week hearing.

If the companies do not receive planning permission more than 40 firms renting the site from the two businesses will be forced to leave. Including Steve Tomlin, who runs Minchinhampton Architectural Salvage Company on the site, Mr Tomlin said, "300 jobs could be lost if the decision went against them."

Artist Damien Hirst also rents a hangar on the airfield and would be affected if the appeal was lost.

The inspector will then consider the evidence and is expected to make a decision in the autumn.

Stroud News & Journal

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