Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Good things but not enough bidders

Mongers Grand Architectural Salvage Sale, Hingham Norfolk
Sunday 5 April 2009

Mongers Grand Architectural Salvage Sale was 'reasonable', commented Carl Willows after the sale.

"There was a good mixture of trade and private buyers at the sale, but unfortunately on the day there just wasn't quite enough of them. Sam Coster [the proprietor of Mongers] achieved his objective of selling the large machinery from his workshop. A Danckaert spindle moulder with maggi automatic feed sold for £600 and a Wadkin commercial thicheneser/planer 300mm blade fetched £550. Because of the sale of these big items he will be able to move out of the warehouse, but it would have been nice for some more things go. The prices were mixed and a reasonable percentage was sold, however in a sale where many pieces had no reserve you would have expected more to have sold, but if nobody bids the items will not sell.

Sections were disappointing such as reclaimed timber. There was however a healthy interest in fireplaces and most of them managed to find homes. A limestone inlaid Sicilian marble fire surround with fluted columns and frieze and urns to flanks of under mantle from the late 18th Century sold for £2600 and a Carrara marble fire surround reached £420. Furniture also seemed to do well which contrasted the Gaze Sale the day before which might have been an indication of the type of buyers who were there. The large gates Sam brought to Salvo fair remain unsold and are therefore still available, if anyone has a house big enough they would be a magnificent feature.

There was interest from a couple of Canadian buyers but no one from the continent or USA. A few things doubled their bottom estimate such as the 35ft Edwardian oak paneling which sold to a telephone bidder for £800 against an estimate of £400-600. All of the doors sold, including Six pine doors 33"x81" from Windsor Convent which fetched £270." Said Carl Willows.

Above: Six pine doors 33"x81" - ex Windsor Convent. Sale price: £270

Above: An early Victorian wrought iron garden gate from Barton Bendish Hall circa 1840. Sale Price £290

Above: A limestone inlaid Sicilian marble fire surround with fluted columns and frieze and urns to flanks of under mantle - late 18th Century. Sale price: £2600

Above: A cast iron hand basin support with dragon flanks and tiled back with basin. Sale price: £160

Above: An elm base pine top refectory table. Sale price: £280

Above: A Victorian cast iron urn. Sale price: £240


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