Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lamps from WWII helmets at Salvo 2009

Above: Piglet feeder l
ights made by Guy Trench from Antiques By Design

Above: Guy Trench's innovative lamps made from WWII helmets.

Antique by Design are exhibiting at Salvo this summer for the second time. They use a combination of antiques, reclaimed items and old materials to create unique interior and exterior pieces. Lighting is made from reclaimed sporting and musical memorabilia, antique farming equipment, handcrafted into lamps and chandeliers of all sizes. Victorian and Georgian iron and wooden windows are converted to strikingly different decorative mirrors. Aged cattle water tanks are converted into console, coffee, kitchen and pub tables. Antiques By Design visit up to 12 auctions a week and are constantly on the look out in Europe and the sub continent for items to add to the impressive collection.

This is what Guy Trench said about last years fair:

"What a wonderful fair, good business, weather held up and a big thank you to the Salvo team who really pulled the stops out and bought a good amount of quality customers to the fair, thank you all for a couple of special days. My sporting memorabilia lighting went down very well along with my reclaimed window mirrors with good sales. People were so surprised to see what i could turn into a lamp. The Elephant (6ft tall wooden decorative elephant) I think had more pictures taken of it than David Beckham on a good hair day. Thank you once again. We will be back next year."

- Antiques By Design website
- Guy Trench interviewed by Salvo's Colleen Gowlett at Newark Antiques Fair

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