Thursday, April 16, 2009

Homemade home

Kirsty's Homemade Homes, begins Thursday 16 April 8pm, ch4

In this brand new series Location, Location, Location's Kirstie Allsopp sets out to inspire viewers to explore the world of crafts as she transforms a dilapidated country cottage in Devon in to the ultimate 'homemade' home.

Kirstie realises that in the current economic climate, everyone is feeling the pinch. She, herself, loves a bargain, and has been searching out the free stuff and looking for unwanted items in skips!

Kirstie seeks inspiration from some English dream interiors: from lavish stately homes, to country cottages and quirky town houses. She hunts for the best handmade craft and design, visits auction houses to reclaim and restore furniture, and learns how to create unique and exclusive pieces - from homemade soap and candles, to pillow cases and table cloths. Kirstie also finds out more about the trades of a range of artisans who keep the great British tradition for crafts alive - from furniture makers and antique restorers to glass blowers and flower arrangers.

As the nation retreats home during the recession, Kirstie's Homemade Home embraces the concept of renovation and restoration and aims to show that, with a little creativity and inspiration, it is possible to not only make do with what you've got, but to make it even better.

As far as Salvo is aware the first episode will feature salvage, SalvoWEB and a cameo appearance from Jason Davies of Architectural Forum.


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