Tuesday, April 28, 2009

300 year old, one ton, reclaimed German oak waterwheel shaft coming to Salvo Fair

Above: This 300 yr old oak waterwheel shaft will be for sale at Salvo Fair. It is currently at Thomas Knapp Historiche in Germany priced at €3,800.

Thomas Knapp Historiche are exhibiting at Salvo Fair for the first time this year and are planning to bring along a HUGE piece of oak. The beam came from Kirchzarten in the Black Forest. It was the shaft of an old waterwheel which was deconstructed a few years ago. The tree trunk was probably first used more than 300 years and the tree was about 250-300 years old when it was felled. So it began life whilst Germany was midway through Roman occupation.

It is 300 cm (118ins) long and the diameter is 70 cm (27.5ins), volume is 1.155 mcb (more than 40 cubicfeet) and weighs more than 900kg.

And what could someone do with it now? Thomas suggests 'First, I think, it would work as an advertising column in the foyer of a restaurant or a park.... Or maybe, a carpenter needs a very big beam for restoring a timber house. Perhaps someone could design a garden house with the oak as the central beam in the middle of the house. And of course you could always use it as a waterwheel again!'


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