Monday, March 09, 2009

Reclamation Stock & Business for sale

Park End Barn Reclamation, Northamptonshire, UK
Reclamation Stock & Business for sale

Due to ill health the reclamation stock & business of Park End Barn Reclamation is to be sold, just the stock/business not the premises. The premises is on the side of a very busy road and gets alot of passing trade and has a number of regular customers.

The stock for sale includes; stone, beams, flooring, old pine furniture, ridge tiles, and all sorts of tiles, fireplaces, about 250 old doors, churchpews, timber, chairs, etc... even the Forklift and truck will be included! The business also comes with an easy to use web site which has had over 15,000 visitors, three storage barns one being a showroom with an office and there is plenty of outside space and parking. The business is located 20 miles from Milton Keynes, Northampton, Oxford, Banbury, Buckingham and 3 Miles from the M40.

The current owner has been at the premises for eight years, and the landlady is eager to have someone carry on the business there. If you have any questions or would like to view EVERYTHING, then please contact 01869 819819 or 07966 875592.

Park End Barn Reclamation

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