Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greener gadgets

D.I.Y Light Electric Vechicle, entry to Greener Gadgets design Competition in association with Core77 design magazine & resource

Integrating the micro solar system into a bicycle trailer helps with mobility on site, provides storage for handouts, and creates a re-use for a product that families outgrow as their children grow up. Families across the country can re-use old children carriers and become anything from educators themselves at green events, to the parents with the best tricked out solar powered buggy on the block. A solar powered bicycle trailer is also market viable to bicycle camping and tour groups, but must first be demonstrated that it can work. The Ecopioneer program was established to educate by creating onsite working solar systems that inspire and illustrate change. The theme of the covered wagon relates to the pioneering spirit and helps illustrate that we need to reconsider simplier ways of life while still integrating new modern renewable technology.

Greener gadgets design competition

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