Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DNA glue to stop York stone theft

Weatherproof DNA-based glue is to be used to mark valuable stone and similar materials in an attempt by police in Surrey to stop thefts. Reported thefts of York stone paving slabs in the borough of Waverley have been on the increase since last year. The glue has a unique identity code which can be seen under ultra-violet light.

It follows the introduction of a DNA-based grease which has helped to reduce the amount of lead which is stolen.

Insp Simon Dann said, "These items are often of high value but once stolen are very difficult for police to identify conclusively. The use of modern DNA products allows an owner to mark their property making it unique and when officers recover property they can then restore it to the owner along with proof that it was stolen to the satisfaction of the courts. I would urge anyone with high value property which might be targeted to consider buying these products in an effort to secure them."

[Story sent in from David Marlow of IBS Reclaim Ltd, if you have any stories you think might be of interest please send them to Salvo]


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