Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ever wanted a Napoleonic garden feature?

Come to Salvo 2009 and buy one!

Peter Watson from Cox's Architectural on the
majestic stone troughs:

We will be bringing some grey granite horse troughs to Knebworth. I bought them about 2 years ago just after the buildings were demolished in France. There were 68 of them, one for each stable. All more or less the same size.

It was a Cavalry barracks on the sea front at a village called Eu, which is on the edge of le Treport, a town in Normandy. Built in the Napoleonic era - 1780 onwards. I also bought 4 of the longest oak beams I have ever seen from the same building - 41 ft long. These have been sold.

I understand the Cavalry in Napoleon's day, when it wasn't fighting foreigners was used as a form of militia to police the country.

I still have about 40 of them. They are ideal for granite areas such as Cornwall and parts of Scotland. It would be nice to see some of them going back into stable yards as well as landscaping projects. Equally they could be drilled for taps and waste and used as washbasins.

- Thanks Peter, look forward to seeing them at sf09, Ruby, Salvo

- troughs on SalvoWEB
- www.salvo-fair.com
- www.coxsarchitectural.co.uk

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