Friday, March 06, 2009

Demolition starts on 100 Brierfield homes

Lorries from Hapton firm Howard Stott Demolition rolled into the area on Tuesday 17th February armed with security barriers. These were used to secure properties on two of the streets, Belgrave Street and Claremont Street, where the demolition will began.

Around 100 old houses below the railway and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal are being demolished to make way for a new housing development under the Government's Pathfinder scheme.

Stone from the houses will be retained and used for garden walls at the new properties.

Pendle Council's housing programmes manager Julie Palmer said the demolition has to be completed by the end of March.

Pendle Today

We'll live and die in these towns . . . "Housing Market Renewal and Elevate have left Brierfield residents to live in and around this slum for years," comments a video from HyperTyper set to The Enemy's 'We'll live and die in these towns'


  1. Appalling - the entire Pathfinder scheme is a national disgrace. Nothing wrong with these houses, they should have been retained, refurbished and reused. What a waste.

    Read the SAVE Britain's Heritage Pathfinder report

  2. What a waste of resources, heritage, a total waste of energy demolishing a usable structure which would have taken only a small percentage of that energy to upgrade. When will it sink in to decision makers?


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