Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The eco factory brought on eBay

Rye and Battle Observer
Article highlighted by Anthony Reeve of Lassco

Solar UK are currently building a new Eco Factory which will become the base for the research, development and manufacturing side of Solar UK. A state of the art seventeen sided structure has been bought on eBay and transported to the site on the outskirts of Battle for this project. The original building was a public service vehicle training facility at Coventry City College. Built in 2002, it was due for demolition last year to make way for housing in the city.

Solar UK Director Geoff Fox saw the advert for the entire structure on eBay and agreed to buy it. It was dismantled over a period of several weeks last spring and transported on 36 trucks to the new site at North Trade Road Battle. "Every single part of the building was saved right down to the door handles," said Mr Fox.

Ground works were designed so that no material left the site during construction. Underfloor insulation has been recycled from a giant refrigerated unit that was demolished at Gatwick Airport and was destined for landfill and straw bales will be used for wall insulation.

All rainwater will be collected in a large moat or swale at the front of the building and this will be recycled for use throughout the building.

Electricity will come from a wind turbine and photovoltaic panels while hot water will be supplied by Solar UK Laser trackers. The exterior will be clad in dark green polished granite while the roof will feature a glazed pyramid.

The project is due for completion in late summer.

Rye and Battle Observer

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