Friday, November 03, 2006

Unusual ridge sought

Single roman ridge with a coxcomb. [Photo Bakers

Danbury, Essex UK - BAKERS of Danbury, a building company founded by William Baker in 1878, is looking for some very unusual hog's back red clay ridge. We would describe it as a single roman with a coxcomb. Bakers ad says it is 'possibly French, hog back type with with zigzag detail on top with a roman roll at the end which laps over the next tile'. We have never seen a ridge like it. Bakers' photo shows the ridge sitting on what look like 10 by 6 plain tiles, which would make each piece of ridge roughly 12 or 13 inches long. If you can help, please phone Bakers on 01245 225876 or contact Salvo on 020 8400 6222. Bakers want ad on SalvoWEB

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