Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tennants Summer sale of Mouseman

Tennants, North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire saleroom Tennants, who have made a name selling the furniture of Robert Thompson, have secured an entire Mouseman commission for sale in July. Lots will include the complete fixtures and fittings of the Senior Library at Leeds Girls high School, completed by the Kilburn workshop from 1933-34. In addition to 16 tables and 87 chairs, there are both freestanding and fitted bookcases, an alcove seat, radiator covers and wall panelling. The main door and frame will also be offered for sale: it is inscribed The gift of a friend for the benefactor who paid Thompson £1222 for his work in 1934.

The school is now moving to a new site and, while elements of the old building are listed, no preservation order was placed upon the Mouseman interior.


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