Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No more live auctions on eBay

In a move that will impact hundreds of auctioneers worldwide, eBay are to discontinue their live Auctions business by the end of this year.

eBay vice president Jim Ambach issued the following statement on April 15: "As we work to improve the buying and selling experience. . .we need to make sure our resources are aligned with our priorities. In the case of Live Auctions, maintaining and improving this platform falls outside our immediate focus, and will, therefore, be retired at the end of the year."

This will effect several small independent auction providers including Artfact, icollector and LiveAuctioneers, who in turn work directly with traditional auction houses to supply merchandise and auctioneers for eBay Live Auctions.

In a letter to clients, Julian Ellison, chief executive of LiveAuctioneers said they would develop their own independent real time Internet bidding platform to take over when eBay Live Auctions ceases to operate.

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