Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dennis Buggins v John Hobbs goes public

FOR some time now top craftsman, restorer and salvage dealer Dennis Buggins and top London and New York antiques dealer John Hobbs have been at loggerheads over unpaid bills for work done by Buggins for Hobbs. This has come to a head with a refusal by Buggins to settle out of court, and a story in The Times in which accusations are flying.

The Times article says, 'Last week he (Dennis Buggins) identified four items recently offered for sale in London and variously described as “Italian, early 19th century” or “George II circa 1740”. He claims these were assembled or revamped at his workshops from materials including old wardrobes, salvaged panelling and barn planks. One of Buggins’s main clients has been the prominent London dealer John Hobbs. He strongly denies any wrongdoing or ever knowingly selling a fake.'

'Last week Hobbs’s lawyers offered Buggins £200,000 to settle the dispute on the condition that he sign a two-page statement — which had not been written by him — retracting all the allegations he had made to The Sunday Times. Buggins refused.'

Times online

Whistle blower reveals £30m antiques scam

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