Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There's no need to rifle through the bin of the rich and famous to get your hands on their cast offs. You can now scavenge with the stars at a website launching on Wednesday 30 May 2008. Members will be able to rummage through or dispose of items without a penny changing hands. It's a greener way to trade, as the site will create a virtual warehouse, cutting down waste and extending the life of your possessions.

The celebrity throw aways set it apart from charity shops. Although, there is a catch: users will be informed that the likes of Boy George, Gordon Ramsey and Alan Carr have released an item into the market place but they won't know what it is. So you could receive a toaster and never be sure if it once belonged to Graham Norton.

"Users will be able to take pictures of items on their mobiles and text them directly to the site, so it's posted within 30 seconds," says al-Karooni. "That way, people who don't have much time can offload unwanted possessions without loads of hassle". Other features will include a text alert if desired items become available, rewards points and a video section allowing people with more unusual offerings to promote them QVC-style.


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  1. www.vskips.co.uk already does this


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