Thursday, May 27, 2010

Potty about pots

Salvo Fair, Hertfordshire UK
Russell Tottman better known as 'Potman' within the trade will be at this years Salvo Fair. He has been busily sourcing interesting items to bring to the fair on one of his many buying trips to Turkey.

Russell frequently travels to Turkey on a voyage of discovery. "During each trip I typically source about 600 pots, wood, marble and metal work" said Russell. Over the past ten years Russell has been travelling to Turkey he has built up a strong nexus of friends and dealers. "I buy the majority of my stock from on guy, he has three sons who are also involved in the business," said Russell.

The close networks he has made proves invaluable especially as they search out items from all over Turkey, from towns to farms and small villages. "The travelling can be quite time consuming and costly as the price of gas is 2euros a litre," said Russell. Also during his stock trips to Turkey he buys rugs and cushion covers from a supplier close to the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.

Pot prices range from £45 for a 50cm pot to £120 for a 75cm one. He has a pair of large white pots at £495 each, which he intends to bring to this years Salvo Fair if they haven't been snapped up before! He also has a selection of other antiques and salvaged items like marble sinks at £95 and an extremely rare Turkish Ottoman door which is three hundred years old and priced at £1,500.

Salvo Fair

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