Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deconstruction vs Demolition

My Green Home Project explains that deconstruction is the way to go and shows you how to take your house apart gently. You may say that deconstruction is 'green demolition' but the actual definition stated by My Green House Project is 'a process by which a house is taken apart - either wholly or partially - with the intention of salvaging all or part of the building materials.'

According to 3R Demolition, deconstruction specialists, 'The evolution of both recycling and the environment regulations have created a new vogue word, "deconstruction". Deconstruction has revolutionized the demolition industry. This new trend is making conventional demolition a thing of the past - it's no longer just a traditional material removal and disposal industry. Rather, it has progressed to a highly sophisticated, environmentally friendly deconstruction, recycle and salvage opportunity.'

My Green Home Project continues to discuss why we should deconstruct, the tools and techniques to use for deconstruction, giving actual examples of projects.

Don't Demolish - Deconstruct!

My Green Home Project

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