Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deconstruction courses in USA

The second round of NSP funding is being distributed in the US, cities have an opportunity to capitalise on both the long and short-term benefits of the program. In addition to the rehabilitation of low-income housing, the funds can be used for demolition or, preferably, deconstruction. The Reuse People explain that deconstruction can be beneficial as abandoned and dilapidated houses can be removed and salvaged materials can be used in the renovation of existing housing.

Most city officials understand that NSP funding will run out in two more years and are searching for ways to leverage the remaining monies to achieve long-term benefits. TRP’s deconstruction training program, “An Introduction to Deconstruction,” offers cities an way to train unemployed and underemployed workers in skills applicable to many of the construction trades. TPR also offers a shorter deconstruction training course for local contractors which includes skills such as de-nailing lumber, how to remove building components while protecting and preserving their reuse value.

The Reuse People

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