Monday, March 22, 2010

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'SalvoWeb Describing itself as the "Gateway to the world of Architectural Salvage and Antiques" Salvo's US, UK and World sites cater to the needs of anyone looking for doors, fireplaces, furniture, gardens, glass, ironwork, kitchens, lighting, radiators, stone, windows and woodwork. They also specialize in reclaimed buidling materials, beams, bricks, flagstones, flooring, roof slates and tiles, timber. The online directory is tailored for people in search of antique, reclaimed, salvaged and green materials for gardens and homes. Great company ethos, well organized site and some fantastic bargains to be had,' as quoted in

'Salvo's aim is to encourage and promote stockholding dealers in architectural salvage, garden antiques, reclaimed building materials, demolition salvage, and lastly recycled materials. Salvo also aims to increase appreciation and awareness of historical crafts skills and manufacture, and to help reduce the amount of salvageable materials from old buildings and gardens going to landfill. Salvo also tries to encourage fair trade and eco-friendly activities. Salvo puts dealers in touch with each other, and with private and professional buyers. Salvo puts DIY buyers and sellers in touch. Salvo puts disposers of low value reusables or recyclables in touch with possible buyers via SalvoMIE, the materials information exchange web sites. Salvo works with the police and others in trying to prevent theft from buildings and gardens by circulating Salvo theft alerts. Salvo provides information about architectural and garden antiques, reclaimed and recycled building materials, demolition salvage, craftspeople and other information relating to buildings, gardens, bygones, transport and machinery. Salvo runs the annual summer Salvo Fair at Knebworth, and occasionally Salvo helps with stands at other fairs.'

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