Monday, March 22, 2010

Container Gardening

Willem van Cotthem reports on how to make a container garden using plastic bottles.

'(1) Plastic bottle with stop on top and perforated bottom (drainage); (2) Stop taken off and conical part of the bottle cut away; small slit cut in the cone; (3) Cone pushed to the bottom in the bottle; (4) Bottle filled with potting soil mixed with the water absorbing soil conditioner TerraCottem, well compacted up to 5 cm from the bottle top; (5) Seed(s) or seedling(s) in the soaked potting soil.'

The bottle is now prepared, make sure that you choose the right size bottle for the vegetable you are growing. The possibilities are endless, you could even start a container garden on the side of your house (see diagram below)

Container Garden

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