Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IBS strike it lucky

IBS Reclaim, Oakley Buckinghamshire UK

"Now you are going to smile," exclaimed David Marlow, manger of IBS Reclaim in Buckinghamshire, when questioned about his latest ad on SalvoWEB; a medieval stone corbel carved from gritstone.

"Once in a while we all fall upon something or have a bit of luck. The truth is we purchased some yorkstone paving back in June/July this year from the Lancashire/Yorkshire borders, there was a crate of bits and pieces given to us free.

"The contents of the crate were of no value and most of it was put in the skip as unwanted waste, right in the bottom we discovered the head. You may recall that in the Denner Hill, IBS blog that Salvo recently featured there was reference to Dr Nick Cutler 'Apart from its sales and redevelopment, IBS has also donated old stone samples from its reclaimed stocks to Dr Nick Cutler of Oxford University's Centre for the Environment who was making a study of biodeterioration which includes the effects of algae and lichen on stonework. He was fascinated by David Marlow's knowledge of Sarsen stone and Denner Hill stone history especially the story of the snipers. . .' Nick examined the head during his visit and his conclusion forms the basis of the current advert on salvo. Some think it is a depiction of Christ others are not so sure, we remain undecided," said Mr Marlow.

Ad on SalvoWEB


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