Thursday, November 19, 2009

Franny Armstrong green personality 2009

edie awards 2009

The edie awards recognise environmental excellence within projects and individuals. Winner of edie green personality of the year was Franny Armstrong, who has made some landmark independent films (McLibel, The Age of Stupid, Baked Alaska and Drowned Out). Her most recent project is 10:10, a campaign which aims to cut 10% of the UK's emissions within 2010. Launched in September 2009, 10:10 has since been signed up to by the UK's leading politicians, as well as by prominent organisations and individuals.

Unconnected to her work, during November 2009, Ms Armstrong was rescued by London mayor Boris Johnson from an assault in Camden, London. Ms Armstrong praised him as her "knight on a shining bicycle"and reported that he chased off the attackers and then insisted on escorting her home. During the 20 minute journey, she suggested that he adopt the 10:10 policy for the tube and that he pedestrianise Camden Town to which he replied that he wanted to pedestrianise all across London.


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