Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tensions arrise between Snug Harbour and salvage company

Snug Harbor, Staten Island USA

Snug Harbor was at the center of a major dispute. Tenants were outraged that the managers of the cultural center had allowed Manhattan based salvage company Olde Good Things to remove valuable and historic materials from the building. They believed that they were taking items indiscriminately with nobody around to supervise them. The site is a series of Greek Revival buildings that were used in the 1830s to house aging sailor.

Frances Huber, the president and chief executive of Snug Harbor said, "Snug Harbor had had an agreement with Olde Good Things to remove bathroom and wall tiles; porcelain fixtures, including toilet bowls; stage sets and props; lumber; steel desks and chairs; and other miscellaneous items. They were not dealing with anything of historical value."

"The building is one of 26 structures at Snug Harbor, which are in a deplorable condition, and it is our intent and interest to preserve and protect this property. The interior of the building has been in terrible shape, and that’s why we’ve been lobbying for money to fix it up.

The New York Times

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