Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eco Factor

Above: Part of the 'What is Waste' exhibition.

Creativity knows no boundaries, especially when it comes to eco-artists who try to show the worth of reusing materials which are no longer in use.

Artwork has often been used as a means of environmental activism and promoting a sense of clean world among the viewers. Tokyo Wonder Site is investigating the possibilities of rejected materials and drift rubbish as an avenue for creative exploration through a series of artwork by artistic environmentalists.

Participants include some renowned names such as Fuji Hiroshi, Ohmaki Shinji, and Yodogawa Technique. The artwork being displayed at the Global Environment Information Center (GEIC) in an exhibition called “Is it Waste?” includes masterpieces that are made of pigments, felt, nonflammable cloth, fluorescent lights, acrylic cases and more.

Eco Arts

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