Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Cillit Bang' nuclear waste

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited are currently carrying out a nine million pound dismantling job of a former nuclear site in Dounreay.

A chance discovery by an employee involved in the nuclear clean up has revealed a £1.99 bottle of kitchen spray 'Cillit Bang' can tackle plutonium.

The company's project manager, David Manson, said, "We need to decontaminate as much of the surfaces as possible before we can cut them up. The normal decontamination agents we'd use on steel and glass need time to dry and this slowed us down.

"The acids that had been used years ago also created problems it meant we had to think carefully about the most effective way to wipe the plutonium from the steelwork before we could cut it up. At one of our regular toolbox talks one of the guys suggested we use Cillit Bang, he remembered seeing it dissolve grime in the advert and thought it was worth looking at. I'm very glad we did, we tested it and found it to be very effective."


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