Thursday, May 21, 2009

Repousse demonstation at Salvo 09

Black Dragon Forge are specialists in hand wrought ironwork based in Derbyshire in the North Midlands. Although they have exhibited at Salvo Fair before, this year is the first that Dan and Nicky will be demonstrating some of their skills. There is a small amount of equpiment needed to show how Repousse is carried out, making it ideal for the Salvo Fair field. Repousse is often the most striking feature of ironwork that includes it, and can lend visual weight to a composition with minimal physical weight, as it significantly increases the silhouette.

Black Dragon Forge use only traditional blacksmithing techniques, including fire welding, mortise and tenon joints and riveting and produce contemporary and traditional designs. The bulk of the work consists of architectural ironwork, including gates and railings, as well as the restoration, renovation and replication of historic work. Black Dragon Forge are happy to undertake commissions for hand forged metalwork in either puddled wrought iron or mild steel and offer a full service, from design to installation.

Above: Acanthus leaves are a motif from the classical world. They have been used to decorate ironwork from the 17th century. They are made by cutting and beating out iron or steel sheet, using skills derived from armoury.

Above: The same techniques, known as repousse, can (and were traditionally) also used on copper, to create detailed figures and masks. The most famous are those by Tijou as part of his Hampton Court Palace screens.

Above: These repousse dragon motifs are the main decorative element of a set of gates made for a private client in Surrey.

Black Dragon Forge website

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